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Programs & Curriculum

Toddlers : 2 years-3 years

Preschool learning for two-year-olds goes beyond playtime. With Abeka, children are introduced to foundational academic concepts with the help of Amber Lamb and Button Bear. Our toddler program encourages children to build their independence by developing their self-help skills, strengthen their vocabulary, and foster an early love for learning.

  • Low teacher-child ratios
  • Help with potty training
  • Structured but flexible learning

Preschool : 3 years-4 years

As their preschool learning grows through exposure to phonics, numbers, creative arts, and science, three-year-olds begin to gain a strong foundation for kindergarten. Our Preschool Program enhances on their growing independence, vocabulary development and confidence by providing stimulating, hands-on experiences.


  • Low teacher-child ratios
  • Literacy & number concepts
  • Social Emotional development
  • Beginning writing skills

Pre-Kindergarten : 4 years-6 years

Kindergarten readiness is prevalent with four-year-olds. Pre-K students strengthen their knowledge of Elementary School concepts with beginning phonics, experiential activities and expand their critical thinking skills. Our Pre-K program provides educational, hands-on activities that fully prepare them for kindergarten.


  • Low teacher-child ratios
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Beginning Reading
  • Social Emotional Development

Learning Domains


Story time is a big favorite of many children. It helps grow imagination and creative thinking.  The children are also taught basic letter and word recognition to prepare them for reading on their own and practice writing daily.


Learning and science can be so fun when we bring it to life. During the year the children make sensory bags, dig through ice to find dinosaur bones, make slime and much more. Some of the ways they grow in different skills while doing different activities are, observing, asking questions, communicating, measuring, predicting, and making mistakes.


Promoting early math skills at an early age is one of the main predictors of success in reading and math. Children will develop their number sense, begin adding and subtracting, use classification and explore spatial relations.

Creative Arts

Arts and craft is one of the children’s favorite times. Children get to express themselves through art in multiple different ways. All age groups get to experience different ways to use materials to create masterpieces. They are able to use anything from beans to shaving cream to design unique projects. Teachers will provide the materials and all the children to explore the materials in their own way.


Music and movement is an everyday activity in all classrooms. Children use different instruments to dance to music or create their own. It’s a time to express themselves using their body or instruments. Teachers allow children the choice for independent or group music time such as creating a band.


Engineering activities give children the opportunity to grow, and promote social and emotional learning. Children will experience hands-on activities that encourage problem solving, critical thinking, and incorporate basic engineering concepts.