About Family Learning Center

Family Learning Center maintains high spiritual and academic standards at all times.

Our Purpose


By creating an environment based on Biblical principles, we are able to teach God’s Word through curriculum, activities, relationships, and discipline.


Spiritually, Family Learning Center is consistent with the teachings of Family Community Church. However we are respectful of and sensitive to the teachings of other evangelical denominations.

Why Family Learning Center?

Daily Schedule

Each component of our daily schedule includes the development of the whole child through ~

  • Curriculum
  • Activities
  • Relationships
  • Discipline

Children are our future

Our Mission

  • Educational Experience

    Provide an educational experience in a warm, friendly and safe atmosphere

  • Opportunities

    Provide many opportunities for social, mental, physical and spiritual development of each child.

  • Balanced Growth

    Recognize the importance for a healthy and balanced educational growth plan

  • Adapt and Succeed

    Help children adapt and succeed in our modern world