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2 year olds

In our Two Year Old Classes we introduce The Abeka curriculum which inspires learning and teaches biblical values through a comprehensive Christian curriculum. Children begin their educational foundation to letters, numbers, colors and shapes by using Lesson plans include language development, learning the alphabet, recognizing numbers and learning to count.


Our lesson plans include shapes, colors and skills using art, science and discovery. Our children enjoy hands-on learning through a variety of sensory activities (play-dough, finger paint, water play etc.)


Our Creative Learning Process
Learning Centers use blocks, puzzles, creative art, and books. At this stage, toddlers are becoming more independent and our teachers promote practicing life skills like hand washing, picking up toys and sharing with friends.

2 Year Old Expectations

We accept non potty trained children and work on potty training in this classroom. In this class we are working on social and emotional skills. A big part of this class is vocabulary. You will see your children’s vocabulary flourish. In this class they are working on numbers, alphabet, music, and sensory activities daily. They are being introduced to school so we are working on lining up and following simple two-step directions.

Understands a variety of words
Can follow simple two step directions
Recognizes their name
Introduction to calendar: months of the year and days of the week
Identify basic color and shapes
Developing vocabulary, listening skills and their attention span
Working on verbalizing their thoughts and forming simple two to four word sentences
Repeating words that are heard throughout the day

Building relationships with the teachers and other children
Develops a strong self-image
Learning how to share and interact with other children
Learn how to identify their feelings and how to express them

Recognizes numbers 1-10
Begin to count
Introduction of basic math concepts: patterns and sorting

Responds to changes in music tempo
Shows a preference to types of music
Understands simple music instruments
Uses crayons and markers to make “scribbles” on a paper\
Uses a variety of art materials
Shows a preference (ie: to color or type of art material)

Explores using their 5 senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, hear
Questions things with why, what, when, where and how through hands on projects
Identifies different textures: soft, hard, rough, smooth
Repeats actions

Fine Motor Skills
Uses hand eye coordination through activities such as art, lacing beads and puzzles
Practices snapping buttons and zipping zippers
Working on grasp of crayons and markers
Gross Motor Skills
Developing balance and coordination: standing on tip toes and balance on one foot
Ability to run and jump with both feet
Ability to throw and kick a ball, attempting to catch a ball with both hands