Potty Training

Going from diapers to underwear can be a fun and easy transition when done at the right time. There are signs your child will show that will let you know they are ready to make the switch to underwear. Some of these signs are:

  • Interest in the bathroom
  • Letting you know they have gone to the bathroom in their diaper
  • Staying dry for long periods of time
  • Hiding from people when they need to go to the bathroom and going in their diaper.

Tips on potty training:

  • The biggest tip I can give you to help potty training is be consistent. Everyone is going to do it the way that works best for them, pick a plan and stick to it. For example if you put your child in underwear on Monday, do not put them in a diaper on Tuesday then back in underwear Wednesday.
  • Expect a couple accidents, which is ok! A couple of mistakes will be made before they get it.
  • Be in constant communication with them: “Oh no your pants are wet did you go potty? How does it feel? Remember when you need to go potty we go in the toilet.”
  • One of the biggest things when you start off in underwear beware to not shame or make your child feel bad for having an accident.
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page when starting off in underwear and working towards the same goal, both school and home.

When your child is showing signs they are interested in the bathroom start sitting them on the toilet every time you change their diaper. Once they are going potty and having regular dry diapers they are ready for underwear. Make a big deal about it, go shopping and let them pick out the underwear they want to wear. Talk to them about when they wear the underwear they have to go in the potty because you do not want the underwear to get wet or dirty. Make sure when you put them in underwear you have the time to do it, do not do it on a week where you have a lot of places to go or when you are going on a trip. When you put them in the underwear, make sure to take them to the bathroom often. I would suggest every hour so they get used to it. Some people like to set a timer so when it goes off your child knows it is time to go potty. Figure out what system works best for you and your child. If you stay consistent and do not go back and forth between underwear and diapers your child will be potty trained very quickly.

Times you will see more accidents:

  • When first starting
  • When distracted (playing, watching tv, tablet, etc.) because they don’t want to stop
  • When in a new environment, if there is a change (moving, someone they spend a lot fo time with isn’t around, new baby/pet, etc.)
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