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Parents’ Testimonials

My son started here and a few weeks ago and he LOVES IT!! He loves all the teachers and is excited to go everyday. Highly recommend!

Lisa M.

This school is AMAZING!!! My three kids have gone here since they turned 18 months and I can say I am impressed with the love and care given to the kids. My two oldest have gone on to elementary school and both were at the top of their classes from the beginning of the school year because of the academics taught at FLC. Outstanding school, outstanding staff, LOVE IT and highly recommend this school to everyone.

Anne C.

So grateful for Family Learning Center, very family oriented! They have a great security feature for entering the school building, and great teachers. My eldest son now in 1st grade did great in Kindergarten after attending pre-school here, was reading and writing neatly in pre-k, which made kindergarten easy to transition into. I have two other children there, and they love going to pre-school. They come home talking about the things they learn each day and how much fun they had at school, highly recommend Family Learning Center!

Jessica B.

Finding a pre-school that has excellent academic standards as well as a safe, fun and caring environment was VERY IMPORTANT TO ME!! My husband and I have toured many pre-school to find just the right one for our two young daughters. This one definitely tops them all! The teachers are warm and caring - both of my girls love there teachers. If its not a school day they are constantly asking me when can they go back. They have both excelled academically and really enjoy the daily class projects.The staff as done a great job with everything from helping my girls potty train to developing friendships with other kids. GREAT FIND 😉

John T.

Family Learning Center is a top notch school! We have 4 children and 2 of them are currently enrolled in the school. As a result of attending the school for several years, our older 2 children have done extremely well academically. They both began reading at the age of 4 and continue to LOVE reading now. The teachers are wonderful! They are patient and it is apparent that they love what they do. If you are a parent who is looking for a safe, loving environment and would like them to be prepared for elementary school, Family Learning Center is your answer!

Eleanor B

This center is awesome! All of our kids started at this school when they were 18months old and attended through Pre K. All of our kids started kindergarten at the top of their class and have stayed at the top throughout school. I credit Family Learning Center for the great curriculum, teachers and learning environment. I still recommend friends to this school and they are all very happy.

Anne K.

“This is a great learning center. I have 6 six kids and they have all have attended and the 5 that have moved to elementary school have excelled in kindergarten. The staff is personal, the food is homemade and fresh, the building is as safe as Fort Knox. I would highly recommend this school to any parents with 18  months to 6 years of age children or grandchildren, great school”

Mary Jhonson - child in toddler program