Commonly Asked Questions

  • Does my child need to be potty trained to come to school?
    • No your child does not need to be potty trained to come to school. We will in fact help aide you in potty training your children if they are still in diapers.
  • What do I need to bring to school with my child?
    • You need to bring an extra pair of clothes (multiple if potty training), diapers (if needed), a blanket and small pillow (if staying for nap)
  • Can I store my child’s extra belongings at school?
    • Yes, each child has their own cubby and all their extra clothes and diapers can be stored in. Please check the cubby every Friday to replace any items that have been used.
  • Do I have to provide meals for my child daily?
    • We provide breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack every day.
    • We are a nut-free school.
    • If your child has a food allergy (lactose intolerant, nut allergy, etc.) or tends to only prefer selective foods, we ask that you check the monthly calendar and bring a labeled packed lunch on the day we serve a food that you know your child prefers not to eat.
  • Will my child be ready for Kindergarten after they leave the school?
    • Yes your child will be more than ready for Kindergarten and will in fact be working on Kindergarten aged curriculum in the PreK classroom
  • Is your center secure from strangers coming in?
    • Yes, all of our doors are always locked. We have a key fab system that you get upon enrollment that will let you in the building during the hours we are open.
  • Is it normal that my child cries when I leave?
    • Yes it is completely normal for your child to be sad and upset when you leave. Our teachers will comfort your child and help them to relax and feel safe. Each child is different on how long they will cry for but on average it only lasts for a couple weeks at most.
  • Can I call to check how my child is doing throughout the day?
    • Absolutely, you are more than welcome to call during the day to check. We will check in the classroom and let you know how your child is doing when you call.
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