We accept non potty trained children in this class. We will be working on socialization with other children in this class. For a lot of children this will be their first experience away from mom and dad and in a group setting with other children. Communication will be a big thing we work on with the children in this class. You will see your children use baby sign language and their vocabulary will grow because of what they are learning in class. A big part of the children’s day will be spent doing different sensory exploration activities. Through the sensory exploration activities the children will learn to play with other children and work as a team. A few of the things that will be worked on during circle time in this class are the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.

Use one or two words to describe objects or express what they need
Follow two-step commands
Imitate reading behaviors such as turning pages while looking at books
Can hold a book and try to “read” it
Knows the names of some people and objects.
Can point to objects to express what they want or need

Shows interest in familiar adults
Interacts with other children and shows interest in them
Can self-regulate emotions without the help of an adult
Notices and will try to comfort other children when they are upset
Will play with others through parallel play – playing next to or alongside another child but not interacting

They will start to learn counting skills through everyday interactions
Will start to use terms like “a little bit” or “a lot”
They will gain more understand of object permanence. They will understand that when something isn’t visible it still exists

Will use multiple art supplies (ie: Crayons, play dough, and more)
Copying straight or circular strokes with a crayon to focus on how to hold the crayon properly
Introducing scissors
Interact with music through games and simple songs
Dances with music
Introduce simple instruments to play

Explores using their 5 senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, hear
Begins to explore different textures: soft, hard, rough, smooth
Repeats actions such as pouring water from one cup to another

Fine Motor Skills
Self-Feeding with utensils and drinking from an open mouthed cup
Open doors by turning knobs
Nest cups and boxes inside each other
Pick up smaller objects and place them such as placing pegs into a pegboard

Gross Motor Skills
Walking on tiptoes
Throw and retrieve balls or other similar objects
Can jump in place with both feet
Catch a large ball with both hands